Thursday, November 05, 2009

review: Californication

Okay. I am sick, and I am very shy and embarrassed to admit what it is, since I am afraid people will start avoiding and start de-friending me when they find out. But I will say no more and leave you with this picture.

Now, I have been sick for the past three days, and am at the phase where I am not yet capable of tending to daily activities, which usually consists of sitting in front of the computer writing and reading, but have to resort to less stressful activities, such as sitting in front of the computer watching videos and writing about them. Actually as I am writing this my brain is sending out electric shocks just to stop me from doing any advanced activities, this also happened when I was watching Ze Frank videos (arg... too intellectual makes my head go oouui.. no that's not french for yes, but ouch in a more sissy manner).

Thus I have started watching Californication, why? because Southpark is putting its commercial on every other second. It is with that X-files guy that keeps going "I believe" or what not, and this girl who I was sooo sure was KT tunstall, but isn't.

Anyhoo in summary this show is like Entourage but in middle age folks in side it, and well not so many entourages... just the one. But other wise, the same. The main character gets laid everytime, and they find one way or another to get as much BBCT- Big boob coverage time- in the show as much as possible. The guys not necessarily my type of guys, seem to know where to find their next lay.. wait hold on, its more like the girls just can't get enough of them.

In more detail, the guy is not a actor, but a writer- the mid age thing right? - and has a kid - with this women I think was a fling or sth, but I have no idea what's going on - she is living on the other side of the US. He seems to be this wild type "man-child" who is just pure simple minded -sex pussy sex. He gives "the right" complements and tries to pick up any chick in the 1km radius, as if that was his instinct or tick if you will. And despite the fact that he isn't all that, it seems to work for him. Actually, I had a friend like that, almost exactly like that,but he wasn't in California, he didn't succeed that often, and ended up with some unattractive chicks, I'll tell you that.

I think one way this guy - Moody- makes it work, is that he places himself in between real (gifted) even more crazy nut and the stiff guy who has a broom up his ass (see this episode), so you are not that wild but not that stiff.. a half and half if you will.

Overall, I think this show is meant for guys who are lonesome with low-self esteem, and haven't got laid since the Bush sr was in power, to try out all their fantasies in one show - fucking your subordinate, your superordinate aka boss, your boss's wife, your student(who also works as a stripper), school teacher, and also come home to your loving wife, who is atleast 4 time zones away (Yes, I think all the ladies in the show are required to sign an agreement that they will show their boobs at the drop of a hat)- but are too cheap to buy real proper porn. OR girls like me who's brain capacity has maxed out and need something to bitch about.

And lastly, no woman at the age of 40 should look like a bag of bones. YES I am talking to you Miss Embeth Davidtz! 40 should be a age of fullness.... but that's another story.