Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not gay, but queer

and while I'm on the topic...

Are we just misogynistic feminists?

One thing many women do while fighting for women's right is to segregate women into two groups. Us and them. They are usually women who are following the stereotypical image of women held up by male dominated society, putting all efforts into making themselves look pretty, big breasted and naive and safe enough so no man will find them physically but also mentally threatening.

Thus, some feminists take these women on as their number one enemy, for reasons that they re-enforce the false imagery of how women should be, for they take us back 30 years when emancipation was just an infant or non-existing. They/we treat these women as brainless bimbos and "large walking implants", with no character nor sense to see what they are actually doing to woman kind. Attack them, make them into worthless creatures, only then can the smart intelligent women shine...

... or is it?

If we look up the word misogyny, it is defined as the hatred of women or girls. However, prejudice against women is also considered misogynistic.
Okay then, how about feminists who critique other women that behave completely according to the patriarchal social structures.

Tanya Gold's article on Miss Great Britain is a good example of this. Although her article is bit more spiced up and rude, as it always in to get more viewers/readers interested and excited, it is not too different from what other feminists think and do, and by other feminists yours truly is not excluded. However, what we forget is that this type of attacking other women, who we believe to set us back in our fight for feminist rights, is also misogynistic. Especially when it is done in a non-tasteful way of criticizing them by being mean, suggesting that they only way they could be helpful to this world would be in the form of them being tampons - see Tanya's article for more on this reference.
In other words, we hate women, who we think hate themselves because they act like the only way to love themselves is to be loved by men by living up to this image of stupid skinny bimbos. However, even if it is indeed hatred towards women with serious self-hatred issues,(or body image issues etc), it is still hatred for (other)women = misogyny.

I am not saying these women should not be criticized, although I think it is even hard to draw a line between the feminist and non-feminist women, since it is a continuum of various rights of various dimensions. It is not like feminists can group together in harmony to begin with, we all have various ideas of what needs to be tackled and how, and it is good that we do have this diversity. It is important to critique what is being done in this society and how other women, who should really take part in changing the vision of what woman should be like, are actually enforcing the machoistic view of women's roles. However, just flat on hating them, considering them as some other creatures which one cannot even relate to, is not the way to do it. Still, being the minority - thus still the societal norm of womanhood involving lots of make up, great loss of weight, lots of plastic surgery, and no brains!, we tend to be very defensive since we need much more power to balance things out. However, to single them out as being idiotic women, will only enforce this view, making men take on views such as, "yes I respect you and your beliefs and thoughts, but the other women, those bimbos, well all they are good for is a good fuck."

True feminism should not be changing men's, world's view on myself and other similar women, but every women and everyone, even if this may entail respecting other women's choice to become bimbos and walking silicone implants.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CNBC financial advice...

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CNBC Financial Advice
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Jon Stewart hits it big... again.
This guy is a pure genius

His current mission is to make CNBC a network where one can trust to bring you honest news about the financial market, which has been lawless in the past decade.
He maintains that the CNBC reporters should take the responsibility to call out the mad crazy money deals the financial market people are making. And that the fact that they were not able to do this shows that they are siding with the big capital instead of the people. However, what Job Stewart doesn't say is that all of big media, all of TELEVISION by nature of how is structured has to side with capital. If you think about how television is produced, from which money.. its all big capital. Its much easier to call out politicians since they are not directly the hands that feed you. However, for CNBC to call themselves the business channel..its harder.
Also, its not just CNBC... its all financial media that is in on this.
anyhow for more check out this episode of Job Stewart where he interviews a commentator from CNBC.
What they are talking about - video clip - in the beginning of the interview is called
"Short selling".

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Question de jour~~

Here is the question of the day.
For anyone with answers, I will give you a cyber prize... of gratitude... non measurable.

The question is
Can we quote wikipedia in our work?/thesis?

This is not a manner of possibility? but of normative issues....

Can we? Should we? and if so, how???? if not, why not? and if some, which ones?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lives of poor families in Britain

Although many believe that the poor incomes classes are drug addicts or just too lazy to get off their bum to be a proper tax paying citizen, for many it is a part of a vicious cycle that repeats itself generation after generation.
The Guardian had published a wonderful piece that gives you an idea how this may be.

Its a detailed story about a single mother with two children, whose father have left them earlier on - not that she was a teenage mother who didn't know better, but whose relationship really just ended. She herself was also a child of a single mother, didn't succeed in graduating highschool, and no career experience to name. She lives off government benefit, she doesn't have enough money to buy fresh fruit and veg, since they can go bad.

"She hates to be cast as "the stereotypical single mum on benefits, sitting on my bum living off other people's taxes". She points out that she was in a serious relationship when she had her children. "I wasn't young and foolish. Their father had a job," she says. Since he abandoned them he has paid no maintenance,"

"It would be nice, on occasion, to buy them something on a whim - treats, cakes and biscuits. But if you do, you know you're going to have to turn the heating off," she says

"Everyone is trying their best for their family. Some mothers are growing marijuana in their flats and dealing drugs on the side. They do it because they think it is the only way to give their children a better life," she says, without passing judgment. Other mothers regularly pop into Morrisons to steal stuff they can sell, to supplement their income."

"There is a stigma attached to this area. The teachers think that the children from here are all thick and they don't bother with them. I'm worried that my daughter won't do as well as she could. She's a clever little girl but all that's offered is a basic level of learning,"

For more click here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What men/women want

source: What Men Look For vs What Girls Look For

According to this, I am an asian man or a black man who got really drunk one night to notice.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Missed opportunities

Looking back at life, I realised how I restricted my life to stop at being second rate because I was shy or didn't believe I was good enough or cool enough, and thus didn't even try and stopped at being just an observer, who always wondered what that life would be like.


yeah, but maybe I am just not so cool as I want to be.
but I think I should develop some more balls... or get the ones I used to have when I was in my early 20s....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Buy your Ph.D. online

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Investigative reporting: Dawn Porter and Super Slim ME

I think one of my real true dream job is investigative reporting on issues I FIND interesting. It will give me the opportunity to experience various things that usually I won't get a chance of doing, and being able to write stories on it delivering information to people, and getting a shot at changing their perception of society - which I strive to do. I have waves where I day dream about this fantasy life of mine (see blog from June, 2007).

Here is a girl who is able to do my dream job.
Dawn Porter

She has lived with polygamist families, became super skinny, got naked, became a geisha, a mom, a internet dater, free lover etc.
And she does all this with a sense of humour. I must admit she is this loveable type which makes you relate to her, and empathize with her.

Here is a taster, the episode where she takes two months to slim down her size from a UK size 12 to size 4 (she ends up at 8 though).

You can get the rest of the episode through this list

But I guess to really be able to do this, to beat the competition and be able to live off of doing this, you have to be much more of a talented writer than I am, have mind blowing creative ideas, and be relatively more attractive than what I am now - although I never really mentioned that I would like to be a tv journalist, but now since the major form of new delivery is through videos formats, I have changed my mind abit. Ofcourse you will also need to have the balls to be able to do any thing in the sake of journalism. - such as pose naked, starve, etc. No one said it would be an easy task! ... but I still dream on...