Thursday, June 04, 2009

Meet Milo

the computer human....

.... this is really really cool yet scary...

this is all part of the new Xbox project Natal.
which is like Wii but like developed to a unbelieveable level.
It really is sth out of a si-fi movie and then some.
It gives interactive a new definition.

The only problem is that, this make me fear more that cyber reality can/will replace the real reality... I mean come on, playing ball with your body... you can actually do that with a real ball with real people. now the computer will substitute it.

HollyWoody porn movie titles

My friend, who I will not name, has collected (during his job) a list of titles of porn movies that are based on famous hollywood movies.
I would like to share that list with you - cuz its just way too funny.
My favourite is foreskin gump.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The list~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

· 20,000 Legs Under the Sea
· 2002: A Sex Odyssey
· A Clockwork Orgy
· A Penile Action
· A Tale of Two Titties
· All Hands On Dick
· Anus the Menace
· Ass Ventura: Smut Detective
· Battlestar Orgasmica
· Beverly Hills Cock
· Black Men Can Hump
· Bone Alone
· Bonfire Of The Panties
· Buffy the Vampire Layer
· Butch Lesbian and the Lapdance Kid
· Cliff Banger
· Coo-Coo for CoCo Cocks
· Crocodile Dun-Me
· Cum to Drink of It
· Cumming to America
· Das Booty
· Deep End With Some Lotion
· Dial M for Missionary
· Dickman and Throbin Hood
· Dickman Forever
· Dog-Style Afternoon
· Doing John Malkovich
· Dun-Hur
· E3: The Extra-Testicle
· Edward Penishands
· Ejacula
· Enema of the State
· Erectnophobia
· Flashpants: Cop a Feeling
· Flesh Gordon
· For Your Thighs Only
· Foreskin Gump
· Forrest Hump
· Frisky Business
· Full Metal Bikini
· Ghostlusters
· Gonad the Barbarian
· Good Will Humping
· Guess Who Came At Dinner
· Hannah Does Her Sisters
· Hindfeld
· Honey, I Blew Everybody!
· I Cream On Genie
· I Reenter Mama
· In RearEndence Day
· Indiana Joan and the Temple of Poon
· Intercourse With a Vampire
· Interview With a Vibrator
· Jack/Off
· Jennifer Ate
· Juranal Park
· Jur-ass-ic Park
· Lawrence of Labia
· Mad Jack: Beyond Thunderbone
· Malcolm XXX
· Mighty Joe Schlung
· Miracle on 69th Street
· Missionary Impossible
· Murphy's Brown
· Mutiny on the Booty
· Natural Born Thrillers
· Night of the Giving Head
· Oh Cum on Ye Faces
· An Officer and a Genitalman
· On Golden Blonde
· Picnic at Hanging Cock
· Pornochio
· Pulp Friction
· Pumping Irene
· Regarding Hiney
· Reservoir Bitches
· Riding Miss Daisy
· Romancing the Bone
· The San Francisco 69ers vs. the Green Bay Butt Packers
· Saturday Night Beaver
· Saving Ryan's Privates
· Screw The Right Thing
· Sgt. Pecker's Lonely Heart's Club Gangbang
· Sex Trek: Penetrations
· Sexcalibur
· Shake My Spear, I'm In Love
· Sheepless in Montana
· Snatch Adams
· Splatman
· Splendor In The Ass
· Star Whores
· Tailiens
· Tales from the Clit
· The 7" Samurai
· The Bare Bitch Project
· The Bitches of Madison County
· The Bootyguard
· The Empire Strokes Black
· The Flintbones
· The Fuckulty
· The Horny-Mooners
· The Humpback of Nasty Dames
· The Hunt for Miss October
· The Joy Suck Club
· The Load Warrior
· The Long Ranger
· The Maddam's Family
· The Naked Bun
· The Porn Birds
· The Replacement Drillers
· The Rodfather
· The Sexorcist
· The Sixth Inch
· The Slutty Professor
· The Sperminator
· The Talented Mr. Lickme
· The Touchables
· The Whore of the Worlds
· The XXX Files
· Thighs Wide Shut
· Too Clothed For Comfort
· Twin Cheeks
· Wet Dreams May Come
· Wetness for the Prosecution
· When Harry Ate Sally
· Willie Wanker and the Fudge Packing Factory
· Yank My Doodle - It's A Dandy
· Yo Quiero Taco Smell
· You've Got Tail