Friday, January 08, 2010

Korea feminism- just 20 years behind England?

I just read an article from Lynn Barber in which she talks about feminism in England back in the day, or more so how it was living in the 60s and 70s as a female. Her stories are dangerously similar to what I've experienced also as a young teenage girl in Seoul, not in the 60s but in the 90s.
This similarity concerns the role of women, girls, how to understand relationships, the misconceptions of sex or how women should deal with it etc.
It makes me think, maybe Korea is culturally - atleast in the feminist sense, 20 years behind. I was wondering if it reflects the national economic growth - or growth in capitalism. In actuality, korea is now quite advanced economically and well culturally, am not sure what to say since I am not there now and it changes very quickly.

Lynn Barber is a contributor for the Guardian and is the author of the biography "An Education" which will be out in theatres soon as a movie.