Thursday, June 04, 2009

Meet Milo

the computer human....

.... this is really really cool yet scary...

this is all part of the new Xbox project Natal.
which is like Wii but like developed to a unbelieveable level.
It really is sth out of a si-fi movie and then some.
It gives interactive a new definition.

The only problem is that, this make me fear more that cyber reality can/will replace the real reality... I mean come on, playing ball with your body... you can actually do that with a real ball with real people. now the computer will substitute it.


Owen said...

What happened to "suicide rates"? I demand the right to comment!

davemee said...

Owen, the article commited suicide.

Anyway, games are super mainstream - but sales dropped last month in the US for the first time in decades - cheap web games taking over from consoles? Considering a basic laptop and screen is so cheap now, it makes sense as a platform. But games are a paradigm that generations (particularly the 30-40 range) have grown up with, and far superior interaction and use metaphors than clunky old GUI systems, which are still based on the fundamental limits of late 70s hardware, that it's inevitable software, games, and social actions will converge.