Thursday, March 05, 2009

Investigative reporting: Dawn Porter and Super Slim ME

I think one of my real true dream job is investigative reporting on issues I FIND interesting. It will give me the opportunity to experience various things that usually I won't get a chance of doing, and being able to write stories on it delivering information to people, and getting a shot at changing their perception of society - which I strive to do. I have waves where I day dream about this fantasy life of mine (see blog from June, 2007).

Here is a girl who is able to do my dream job.
Dawn Porter

She has lived with polygamist families, became super skinny, got naked, became a geisha, a mom, a internet dater, free lover etc.
And she does all this with a sense of humour. I must admit she is this loveable type which makes you relate to her, and empathize with her.

Here is a taster, the episode where she takes two months to slim down her size from a UK size 12 to size 4 (she ends up at 8 though).

You can get the rest of the episode through this list

But I guess to really be able to do this, to beat the competition and be able to live off of doing this, you have to be much more of a talented writer than I am, have mind blowing creative ideas, and be relatively more attractive than what I am now - although I never really mentioned that I would like to be a tv journalist, but now since the major form of new delivery is through videos formats, I have changed my mind abit. Ofcourse you will also need to have the balls to be able to do any thing in the sake of journalism. - such as pose naked, starve, etc. No one said it would be an easy task! ... but I still dream on...


teresa said...

OMG!!! I spent all of last year watching Dawn Porter with my roommates. How did you discover her? She's amazing. You could do this! :)a

insatiable hee said...

Do you know that now she is in BBC 3 and doing another series... she is so funny and loveable, that you really get into her expeditions!
the only problem I have right now is that cuz I am not in the UK, cannot watch all the shows. only the ones in youtube :-S

teresa said...

yeah, I know, sad. check out her website. write her and ask if there is any other way to see her stuff.