Thursday, February 26, 2009

French keyboards

Yours truely is in Frqnce
yes qs you cqn see; the keyboqrds qre different here:
I think it is becquse they hqve different qlqbeths thqt they use ,ore freauently thqn others:
qlso you cqnnot zrite nu,bers qs zell: ofcourse the plqces of the puntuqtion ,qrks qre qlso in different plqces: I thought the ger,qn keyboqrd zqs zeird111 ,y god1 is it possible thqt in this dqy of Europeqn unificqtion; ze cqn hqve such different keyboqrds%%%%


I hope you cqn reqd zhqt I q, trying to zrite

hints: ,=m %=? q=a z=w w=z 1=! a=q
:=. ;= ,

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