Friday, February 13, 2009

Intellectual masturbation

Working in the academic field, I get quite many chances to see people - and yes, I admittedly say, yours truly is not exempted from this, but then again its mostly (white) middle aged/older men - display pure masturbation of themselves and their group publicly in front of others.
Ofcourse this is not the more innocent type of masturbation where one comes to a point of physical orgasm, but no.. I am talking about the intellectual masturbation, where one comes to a orgasm due to believing that one is the smartest person in the world, a wise knowledgeable scholar, who has a keen view on society.

I think the worst are those who talk in jargons, which is a method people use when they do not understand their own topic well enough to explain it to others*, and while others cannot follow them, not due to the elaborate character of their analysis but due to their clumsy-arrogant way of explaining it, they feel that they are superior to their listeners. The fact that no one could refute their theory, is shown as a victory to themselves - while the truth is that it was either non-comprehensible due to its bad presentation, or due to that its substance was so insignificant that it is not worthy spending one's time trying to explain to the writers that their work is redundant.

Thus this intellectual masturbation is so, not only due to the orgasm one brings by falsely tricking one's mind that it was real -(sex) - but also due to that even done in front of others, it is essentially done by and for your own self, and others can only be spectators.

Ofcourse again, I am not excluded from this as well.
This blog writing actually signifies how I love to read/hear myself speak/write/masturbate, through making my hands busy.

*one should always have the ability to make one's study understandable to a child