Thursday, February 19, 2009

College humor

Okay, remember that boyfriend vibrator video clip?
That was college humor
and well they have like 307 videos on their you tube site
yours truely probably watched all of them... like twice.
I mean I am extremely addicted to them now
can't stop watching.
I think one of them even came out in my dreams.
For those of you who has never seen one of their clips
start easy with their best of selection
and work your way into hardly working series
but anyhow, need to go back to work...ahhhhhh


teresa said...

thanks. i really needed more fuel for the procrastination fire. :) I love it. can't stop watching. we need to talk soon! miss you!!! make some time for a chat dearie.

insatiable hee said...

I'm in love with Amir and Dan...
The two senior writers of the group...
They are just sooo cute.