Friday, February 13, 2009

Yellow Rage

Two asian-American girls on Def Poetry Jam

I would also have shit loads to say if given the chance
Such as, just to add to the one that was said above

why do you think we all are Chinese, and what is so funny about shouting "ni-hau" in a mocking manner and hilarious to laugh at me with your friends?
Why do you feel like you need to shout random sounds, just to segregate me with you, so you feel safe in your own little world?
What makes you think its okay to shout at me words you would not use to others, but no I am not one of you, you as in human?
Why do you think we are completely different, that I do not feel? that my food smells and while your ways are right, my ways are underdeveloped?
Do I not think as you do? shall I not love as you do? shall I stay within the boundaries you have set for me in the Chinese restraurants and Kung-fu movies?
Your ignorance and prejudice makes me sick, disgusted and speak in anger when I hear your murmur


but here is another hilarious version to the asian pride...

about hiphop ignorance

but check out others... there are quite alot of angry asians out there.


little bro said...

Just had to think about your Ex-Neighbor ;-D What a wanker!

hwayoungjung said...

what those brothers and sistas need is a dedicated channel just for yellows. All Asian all the time.

also they seem very agitated about something. I suggest a nice cup of ginseng tea.