Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's just not that into you

Apparently there is another "sex and the city" movie out trying to teach women how to "catch guys", which is now called - and bluntly put - "He's just not that into you".

I haven't seen it but Tanya Gold's interpretation of the key message of the movie is...

"If a man is not trying to undress you, he's not into you. If he doesn't want to marry you in the next 10 minutes, he's just not that into you. If your lover is impotent, distant, tired, anxious, busy, brusque, depressed - anything that proclaims him to be a human being, not a Disney hero with cartoon flowers, nice teeth and a 24/7 erection - he's just not that into you."

If you see the trailer of the movie, the last line of the trailer says
"XXX cinema brings a comedy about meaning what you say without saying what you mean"

Which I think means, never say what you want to say, always pretend and put on a front to be cool because most people are shallow and superficial and will not notice that it is all fake anyhow, and will even appreciate it. Who cares about being true when one can have it all by being fake?

Similar to the Rules
in wiki's definition is a book about "in order to attract and marry the man of her dreams, a woman should play hard to get"
in Tanya Gold's words..
"The Rules are: never telephone a man; never be in when he calls; never speak to him; wear matching underwear.... pretend to be dead in order to get married"

And Guess what! the ladies of the rules have actually made their own list of "he is not that into you if .."

They include things such as
4. He's not that into you if he doesn't ask you out by Wednesday for Saturday night.

==> apparently you only need to date guys who are very organized???

7. He's not that into you if he asks you to split the check.

==> are you kidding, in countries such as the Netherlands, it is considered weird even rude if you do not split the check on a date

8. He's not that into you if he expects you to meet him half way or travel to him in a long-distance relationship.

==> In all my long-distant relationships and the ones that I know of, both couples traveled back and forth and most of the relationship have worked into marriages and other serious steps.

12. He's not that into you if he forgets your birthday.

==> again like number 4, you need a guy who is definitely organized... can't it be that he is absent minded? Also how about, "you're not into your boyfriend if you forget his birthday"

But this has got to be my favourite.
13. He's not that into you if he doesn't give you a romantic gift for Valentine's Day.

==> these women really must be living in the victorian ages or some weird Hollywood movie

The list goes on to
21. He's not that into you if he doesn't want to have sex.
22. He's not that into you if he doesn't propose.
23. He's not that into you if he proposes but won't set a wedding date.

Ofcourse these rules are for American-USA- women, which apparently is a country of the strict evangelist Christians whose women's main goal is to grasp a man into marriage??

How about those of us who have a hard time deciding, how about women who do not want to get married? how about open relationships? I mean these "rules" presupposes that all women want to get married right away, as soon as possible, and do not question their choice of men, and would like to be financially dependent on their men. - oh yeah, they are all hetrosexual, and celebrate these capitalistic driven holidays such as valentine's days.

And then there was the list for Jennifer Aniston
And then it really really hit me.
These women are "like" 10. their mental and emotional brain capacity has stopped at ... not not even 10... like 7 more like it.
Some disney movie has raised them up to a level in which they can never over come.
They are a cult trying to encourage other women to stay... 7 and be a little girl when it comes to such issues as relationships.
And look at the two women, writers for the rules book. They really look like two insecure, superficial women, who is afraid of living in the real.

Then it really hit me... shit why am I wasting time writing about these stupid people when I should really be writing my paper..


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