Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The devil made me do it....arg...actually it was my unconsciousness

An article in the The New York Times describes how we are driven to do things by our unconscious choices, as much as our behaviors and choices are made consciously.
In other words, many of the behaviors that we do are done as a part of our unconscious decision, but indeed a decision made by ourselves. Its just that we as in our conscious selves have no clue what had just happened.
It also shows how sometimes our consciousness only realizes what had happened after it passed or has been done, while on the other hand, our unconscious instinctual selves have already made a decision recognized it and reacted. What is more fascinating is that the unconscious reactions/behaviors work more or less the same way our conscious self does.
Such as
"unconscious goal persists with the same determination that is evident in our conscious pursuit".

What does this mean?
Does this mean that we have two selves but only have control of one?
Is the unconscious self me? Although you are the one who build it up, though not knowingly, is it autonomous from your control? Is it something you just have to live with? Can we change our unconscious self if our conscious self doesn't like it?
Well on that matter the article notes, quote by Dr. Bargh...(humbug)

"Using subtle cues for self-improvement is something like trying to tickle yourself, priming doesn’t work if you’re aware of it."

Ah... see now here is another idea. So there is nothing you can do about it, and maybe it is just something you don't and never had control over. Then we can even use it to our advantage, saying although my conscious self is this angel who is right, just, kind friendly etc. etc., it is my unconscious being that makes me fool around.
It is my unconscious self that say mean things to you, pout and make rude jokes.
See it wasn't me... it was the devil.. .. I mean my unconscious self.

Which reminds me of a column by Charlie Brooker of the Guardian of how there is "morning guy" "night guy" "procrastinating guy" "snack guy" "booze guy" "snooze guy" "smoking guy"... that all come out at different points of the day or times of his life and act as independent beings which he has no control of. The best of these is what he called the "Erection guy" whose sole purpose is to relieve of his erection and who will do anything for this.. and which makes problems for the the more cool headed rational and more moral? "morning guy" to clean up the day after..

Erection Guy will lie, mislead, cajole, persuade and even beg if necessary. And the closer he gets to his objective, the more demented and demeaning he'll become - until the Mission Accomplished sign lights up, and he abruptly vanishes, leaving his owner back on Earth, blinking and somewhat embarrassed, like a volunteer in a stage hypnotist's act who's just been finger-clicked awake to discover they've been impersonating a chicken for the past 10 minutes. Erection Guy doesn't deal with the immediate aftermath. He never volunteers to go and get a bit of tissue. He simply goes back into hibernation, leaving you to make faintly disinterested small talk for a few minutes until Snooze Guy shows up to hammer your eyelids shut.

Excuse me but my "have to work gal" is calling....

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