Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get korean food delivered to your own doorsteps.

It really sucks to live in a city where the Korean population is practically 1 - well actually its more like 10 but who is counting and if I don't know them, they don't count. The biggest problem is not that I can't speak in my "mother tongue" but that I just cannot get Kimchi anywhere! I mean I have to drag my ass to the nearest big city- where there are atleast more than 10 Koreans, to get any decent Korean food. Yes indeed one can get used to not having what one wants, and make do with other things. However, what I chose to do is well, make do and then ask my mummy to send me huge packages, which doesn't work sometime cuz like during summer you just cannot send sth like Kimchi, or anything that may go bad through a post that will take a week!
Anyhow, so I made do.. kept my urge for the red-pickled-present-from-the-gods to a minimum and substituted pickles or zuurkool.

But now, my suffering, and of those who were in the same situation is about to end.
How you ask?
Through internet shopping malls. Why I didn't think of this before, I have no idea.
But anyhow. There is an internet shopping mall based in Germany which delivers Korean food to your doorsteps. Ok, not made but the ingredients.

It is called. K Mall (
and it practically has everything, including like 7 different types of Kimchi. (thank you god)
Okay it is abit pricy, but not more pricy than what you would have to pay at a normal asian supermarket- actually its abit cheaper.
Also, they deliver it for you, so no need to carry massive loads of stuff back home.

The delivery price is about 5 euros for Germany - and if you buy 49 euros or more it's free. And for the rest of Europe, it depends largely on the weight- for Spain and Southern European countries, its so expensive that I think it isn't worth it really. But for the Be.Ne.Lux its 7 euros up to 5 kgs.

Unfortunately it is only in Korean... so for those of you who like to order some Korean stuff and cannot speak Korean.. well get a Korean to do it for you. However those of you in the States you can just easily check out Komart an English online-korean supermarket in english. In german there is however i don't think they have Korean food.

Anyhow happy shopping folks!


Hwa Young said...

AHHHH! why don't they have that in London?!?! but wait now that I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat Kimchi anyway. never mind.

Marcel said...

I found out that you can get a soup with kimchi flavour at "gourmondo". Unfortunately not Kimchi itself :-(