Friday, February 08, 2008

Blog hits!

Yes, I know I feel bad. I have completely abandoned my blog in the past few months.
But for good reasons!- was busy with work, sick and well other things I would rather not mention. ...

Whichever the case, I know that most of the people who come to this blog, don't come in to see what I've been writing up on, but go to very specific entries(approximately 20~30 people come every day for these entries). Just for the rest of you, who do read up on what I've been writing up on recently to see, I've taken the popular entry list from the program I have here on the blog... you can see it as well if you press the number next to the blog that show how many hits this blog had... approximately 6600 or so I think...
Anyhow here is the list of 6 Feb 2008 with the most popular blog entries

As you see its the 3D Korean beauty entry that has the most hits.. this is due to people who want to search up photos of beautiful Korean women... also the one with titles such as "beautiful Asians" also have high hit rates.
The other hits were the entries with the words "penis" and "porn" in them.
You can imagine why these may be hits.
The rest are those which are more informative... such as ... asparagus makes your urine smell, how to get good skin, dating range and how to find housing etc.

Anyhow it actually makes me a bit sad even to think that the vast number of people who come, come for very specific entries...
I wonder if they search around for other entries or just leave after seeing that?

Doesn't really matter since this whole blog started off as something for my release of brain discharge which may or may not be suitable for others.
Anyhow, I am back. and YES once again I am using up my working hours to write on this blog, regardless of who reads it or who doesn't!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog because one of my Korean friends was telling me about the rendering of the "perfect Korean Male". So I searched it to see what was so great about it. I actually found it sad when I saw it, it's just one more thing for people to feel self-conscious about. "Hey, I don't look like this guy, I'm flawed."

I have read other entries in your blog, even commented on a few.

So, now you know, at least one person that may have found your blog under a certain criteria, actually read other posts. ^__^