Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Secrets on line dot com

I think many of you now know about post secrets a site which publishes postcards sent by anonymous people on their inner most secrets. Some of them are just plain secrets with good artwork where as others are deep hidden secrets which surprises you that people are like that.. although it soothes you as well to think others are as weird. Check out the books based on this.

But now there are several more forms of that which you can do on line. Such as secret talk and group hug. Secret talk is more of a conversational platform where you post up your inner most secrets and other are allowed to comment on them and give you suggestions their thoughts. Group hug is where people can only either hug or shrug at your confession/secret. It has a nice format, secrets and confessions are not supposed to be filtered by the webmaster and most of its on relationships and eating, mental disorders. Like Postsecrets it also has a book out based on its secrets.

Then there are many confessions sites, not all Christian oriented, such as E-admit,and of course confessions.net, confessions4u, daily confessions, confessionspost etc...

Now there are sites that are specifically for posting up anonymously on specific topics.
Boss Bitching is one where you can post up all sorts of things your boss did, and get rated in "stop complaining" "sounds bad" and "boss is a prick"

Whichever the case, it seems that the internet and its on-line users are now substituting the roles formerly done by priests, friends and hot-line desks. Also its now much easier to confess purely anonymously, even choosing the forum based on your topic.


little brother said...

Yeah! I´ll open a Cry-Online site next ;-) Where people can meet and cry. That might even work!

Hwa Young J said...

Before there was online confessions, there was the Apology Line. Allen Bridge set up a phone number where people could call to apologize to/about anyone/thing. The "project consists of over 1,000 cassette tapes filled with confessions and people’s innermost thoughts and feelings, which were recorded over the telephone during this fifteen year period"Check out some of the sample calls. Oh and don't forget Taxi Cab Confessions