Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic sports

Okay its the Olympic season and for most of it (fortunately) I was away... where there was no TV access.. but now thanks to the internet TV instant broadcasting systems, all I do it watch Olympic games.
But more and more I watch, it seems like most of the sports that are included in the games are something no one would do as a hobby.. like pole vault. I mean do you have ANYONE around you who goes pole vaulting on weekends?
I guess its more like, trying to find out, the fastest person in the world, the person who can jump highest, throw furthest etc.
But then again I wonder how you become an athlete for such sports?
Do you one day announce, I will become a pole vault athlete?
Who chooses them?
Are there criterion which makes you better apt for this?
so many questions...
but all this sports really makes me feel all tired... *yawn*


Dave said...

I mean, everyone focuses on the athletes, but what about the poor Poles? Wouldn't any other european national be suitable to jump over?

hwayoungjung said...

Some sports were important as skill sets back in the day. Vaulting, shot put, running, whatever had merits as training for defense. They are not as obvious as archery or shooting a gun (North Korea rulz!) but provided a spirit of competition for use in battle when you needed it. Don't know where curling comes into my theory though.