Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shut it men, you still do less household chores! here's the proof

I don't know how many of you men out there believe that you do your "fair share" of house chores.
Well I will tell you now... shut it, you just have no idea how many hours we women put in.
It could be the case that, when a man lives with a woman, his hours of domestic work may actually increase slightly due to the enhanced strictness of defining what "clean" is or what "liveable" actually means. However, you guys NEVER put as much hours as well do -- in average. I, as a social scientist, always believe that there is diversity between humans and people...so there could be differences depending on the guy and girl. HOWEVER, its still the woman who is and feels responsible for the daily household chores due to that they- both men and women- have seen their mothers do it all throughout their lives, or because women have a stronger idea of what a proper house should look like,i.e., no un-identified living substance crawling on the floor or in the fridge, atleast one clean shirt to be worn in the closet, at least a clean plate and cutlery to use in the kitchen, breathable air that doesn't stink of sweat and feet in the house, etc.

Still not convinced, I will use the power of statistics then.

source: European Foundation/Burchell et al., 2007.

As you can see all men- part-time, full-time (represented here as the greens), work less than woman- part-time, full-time (represented here as the blues) on all accounts. Especially notice that men working part-time still puts in less hours than women working full time.

Here is another one. Which shows how much hours men and women use weekly for work - both paid and domestic - this means house chores...

source: European Foundation/Burchell et al., 2007.

Look how even full-time employed men work (54.9) two hours less than part-time employed women (56.8) on a weekly basis due to that women do a much larger chunk of the household work. Its also interesting to see for men, they put in approximately 7~8 hours on household chores, regardless of whether or not they are employed part-time or full-time!
In cases of two full-time couple, the woman does (66.6) approximately 12 hours more work per week than the man because she does almost three times what he puts in for household work.

So Shut the f**k up men when it comes to household work and just f**king do your chores.

--- and by "it" we mean "beat your sorry ass so you do the housework" ... or something around those words.


Owen said...


- otherwise similar women and men respond differently to the survey questions (eg. they might have different ideas of what constitutes "household chores", maybe men want to fit the social stereotype we already have of them, etc.).

- men have more "demanding" regular jobs than women, and thus have less energy for chores.

- men are more efficient at doing chores, and thus do the same work in less time.

- men handle the more demanding chores, and thus cannot do as many hours of chores as women.

Just throwing a few ideas out there.

insatiable hee said...

owen you know none of those are correct.

especially number 3-efficiency- has been proven to be wrong several times

you guys are just plain lazy!!

Owen said...

yeah, probably.

little brother said...

Oh No! I live with two of these!

Anonymous said...

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