Sunday, December 20, 2009

review: Whatever works

This is a movie about Woody Allen - as it is in all Woody Allen's movies - where he draws out his fantasy about Scarlett Johansson. The story goes, where a young simple minded blond girl ran away from home, a old Woody Allen type neurotic person (but a physics genius with a 200IQ) finds her in behind the dumpster, and is kind enough to put her up for a month or so. She develops feelings for him (ofcourse) and he resists, but the old man ends up marrying the young blond- ofcourse through her request. There is even the introduction of Justin Timberlake character- whom she dates once and finds boring...quote "he lacks everything!"

I mean in the beginning of the movie, there is even a straight forward mentioning of how he thought "Scarlett" had sexual power- although here the Scarlett referred to the Gone with the wind heroine.

but i mean it's too blatantly clear what he is trying to say with this movie, its even embarrassing for the audience to watch...

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Ollique said...

Hoi, Hee! How are you, lady? What have you been up to recently? Have a lot of free time, right? :)
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