Wednesday, June 02, 2010

hours of the week

I haven't been writing much... because I have been busy with several different things.
I will write more about what exactly they were later, but for today, I want to share this idea of how exactly our time is spent.

Okay now let's calculate 24*7=148 hours a week. everyone has that much hours.

Let's take the big chunks out first.
8*7=56 hours of sleep a week
5*8=40 (officially) hours of work a week
which totals up to .. = 96
that only leaves us about 52 hours

on top of that I need approximately 10 hours a week to commute time each week (half of which also can be considered my new paper reading time)
and average 1 hour each day to clean myself, and get dressed, and defecate etc. that is 7
and on average 2.5 hours a day to prepare, cook, eat food and clean up afterwards. that is 17.5 hours.. let's round it up to 18.
and I will do approximately 7 hours a week of household errands ( that is shopping for food, etc., cleaning the house, laundry and other household tasks).
that is total = 42 hours

that leaves 10 hours.

that is all the free time I have (officially) to spend to do whatever I want.

If I need to keep in shape I should to atleast 2 hours of exercise each week but 1 hour to prepare etc. thus that leaves 7.

in those 7 hours, I need to get leisure, relax and fulfil my inner self.
how does anyone manage to do this????

(this post was initially written on the 2nd of June, 2010)

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