Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Berlin insider tips

Here is a compiled list of places I gathered in my 6 months or so stay in berlin, and also having a berliner as a partner.

hang out places: all with loads of cafes and restaurants
Prenzlauer Berg
especially near kastanienalle/zionskirche
and lychenerstrasse

especially around Oranienstrasse (near SO36)
and Bergmanstrasse

Galleries and Museums

The East side gallery

for awesome graffiti and all

Museum: I liked the museum of photography (forgot the name but it is in Oranienburger strasse S bahn)
So at the corner where Oranienburger strasse meets Tucholsky Strasse

Also the hambergerbahnhof museum for modern arts is nice

Flea market sundays
Either Mauer park(trendier: nice to just hang without buying stuff) or Boxhagener Platz (cheaper and getting even more trendy)

Pizza place: il casolare: punk pizza place even the italians love

Also for proper german food try Max and Moritz on Oranienstrasse
see menu

Sunday brunch in Lychenerstrasse(this is where I lived) or Kruezberg at oranienstrasse/Paul-Linke Ufer oder Maybachufer

Also, there are loads of cheap places near Kreuzberg 36 - near Oranienstrasse which are around 5 euros for a main dish
and Kreuzberg Bergmanstrasse also offers a wide range of cuisines around 10 euros or less.

Don;t forget to check out
Spätzle express : what is spätzle??

**Lazy Caribbean bar
the YAAM - really nice in sunny days

**Drink as much as you want and then pay as much as you want wine bar
Weinerei - all near Zionskirche
even the new york times loved it

Berghain: techono electornic, but the whole idea is to go there, since it's supposed to be this amazing place which opens around 00:00~ 15:00 ... peak is around 4am.

also lots of night life around Warschauerstrasse

but buy a Zitty(events etc guide for Berlin) and see what is happening.
or go to www.zitty.de

but most of all have fun and stay around in the East side...

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