Friday, December 01, 2006

Easy does not come into adult's life

That is the one phrase that stuck in my head after seeing the Hollywood style of trying to induce philosophical discussion movie "weather guy". Will not talk about the ins and outs of the movie.

Easy does not come into adults life.

I realize being an adult means that you are thrown into the real world. Real problems and real issues.
Its great for you are considered a responsible human being who can make judgements for yourself and respected, but the problems you face, for yourself and those around you sometimes gets too overwhelming.

Today I've got a double dose of it. In both ways though. As an adult was recognized by the network of people in my field as a proper researcher- at least I would like to think. On the other side, I've realized that two people I know have/had severe diseases which I will not name, the person nor the disease.

A phrase that pops into my mind is 'this is real'.. 'this is real'.. its no practice runs any longer nor are you secured by some sort of institutions. And the things you felt that will never happen to you, or is a far distant thing will come to you as well.

You feel completely exposed fragile to the world, without much protection or a net to fall back on. But the secret is if you keep your two feet on the ground, even if you fall, after awhile you do get stronger, and are able to endure so many more things to come, and believe you me, it will come, but then again you will live through it as well. And really some of the things you think you cannot endure, you can do and move on.

Also, I realized how little of life you can actually control. there are just some aspects that you cannot do anything about. It wouldn't do any good worrying about it or try your best to gain control- just hold back hold strong and try to enjoy the ride.

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