Tuesday, November 21, 2006


At the end of the day, after all the bullshitting and all the psuedo-intellectual mumbo jumbo about life, relationships between human being and society, I will consider myself more or less a dog like person.

I will sniff your hand and if I feel that you are friendly and nice to me, I will wag my tail and show you my belly- so you can rub it.
If I feel you distrust me, am scared of me or just don't like me, I will growl, mark my territory and/or just go along my way.

The only difference between me and dogs is that I am not as open and truthful as them... oh yeah, I also don't sniff other people's arses.


Hwa Young said...

don't knock arse sniffing till you've tried it. or perhaps you have and just don't dig it...

insatiable hee said...

naw, tried it, just got slapped alot.
dogs don't even like it when you do it to them..
and it smells