Tuesday, May 27, 2008

75 cents and other wild things

As a non-European, I actually have never heard of Eurovision before I came to live here. From what I've heard from the Europeans themselves, it is more of a joke that used to mean something a long time ago right about the time when Abba was in and dinosaurs used to roam the land. (for the Italians, I've heard that after they stopped winning, they stopped participating altogether, to show their disapproval for the Eurovision's bad tastes)
I never actually saw any of the contests nor did I kept up to date with who is in, who won etc... until recently.

Why, you ask?
Well, there have been remarkable "developments" in the whole Eurovision song contests and it seems as if all of the member states are taking it to a whole new level, well a funny, gag like one to be precise.

Let's start with Ireland's entry for this year.
Ireland was represented by Dustin the Turkey... who is not only a fowl, but also can't sing, and he does technoish dance songs... to make things even worse. I don't know what bothers me more, the genre he sings or his massive disco "Balls" which he exposes carelessly. (although I must say the bird even has a political career and has been in the scene for some time, with his own TV show... respect!)

Okay the second one is from Spain.. Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila el ChikiChiki
This song is reggaeton... which is alright, for some... but okay... this guy also can't sing, which is also alright.. but best thing is he is an Elvis impersonator (or is trying on the geek chic that is very in these days, I am not too sure). The highlight of this song/video is when he tells you which dance to dance... including the robocop, or shall I say, EL robocop.

But finally and my favourite has to be 75 cents and Kraljevi ulice representing Croatia, with their song Romanca. The whole gang includes a folk singer, a grandpa rapper and two musicians and finishes off with one exotic dancer. 75 cents, who is actually a very young 77, shows how grandpa rap can and should be! Of course it comes out actually more like your every day neighbourhood granpa yelling "get off my freakin lawn!"....

I think the Croatian government and well the whole European union should use him, along side John McCain as the billboard models for older workers and postponing your retirement. I mean who can beat that!

Whichever the case... in this fierce competition, who won?
Of course this idiot won.. who looks like a mix of Enrique Iglesias and some backstreet boy(s) type boy band, check out the dancer he has!

Oh well, too bad, but I am sure you will hear more of our wonderful granpa 75 cents, who will only increase his currency value as the years go by.


Phil said...

Allemagne - zero point ;-D

insatiable hee said...

you even played???

Laurence said...

I thought the French entry was massively underrated. The song wasn't bad and the performance was cool and surreal.

Dave said...

Huh? I missed it all!

What I love most about Eurovision (other than Terry Wogan's inspired commentary) is that ... no-one takes it seriously, even the entrants, and yet each voting state turns it into a political game. Wonderful how centuries-old grudges and politics play out (incongruously) in the face of such a ridiculous competition.

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