Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God piss in my breakfast cereal

I don't believe in god... well not usually, although I can be considered antagonistic.
I only believe in GOD's existence when it decides to take a long hard piss towards my way.

30th September 2008... raining raining raining


little bro said...

;-D Weekend was fun!

big bro said...

Big bro has some questions here:

1) How come a disbeliever gets blessed in such a personal manner?

2) How is the taste of god's piss? (Any better than average human piss?)

3) Do you have to have cereal for breakfast to get in close touch with god?

4) Is god an "it", a "she" or a "he"?

5) Whatever god is... he/she/it can take a piss? :-o

6) Can anyone answer these questions?

7) Can anyone at least answer question number 6?

insatiable hee said...

Answer to number six == fourty two

insatiable hee said...

and answer to question three: the question is more WHICH cereal should you have to get closer to god and its piss... and would Weetabix do? how about oatmeals??