Friday, October 03, 2008

I am genuinely scared of Palin and the republicans that put her up there...(and those who support her)

I am not really into too much politics. being a labour market researcher, I do keep up to date on policy changes and party's view on labour market, family and some economic policy issues. However, I am not too up to date on the day to day soap opera of politics this world has. YES I do believe most of this politics issue is just soap opera for some.
Anyhow most any of us interested in politics in the slightest bit, knows about the nominee McCain campaign voted as his running mate. Sarah Palin. I do not need to post up all of her no-she-did-not-just-say-that videos.
but here are some classics, that really out does even yes... monkey boy, Bush Jr.

and by Keith Olbermann

and then the VP debate yesterday.
*you can see the whole debate with this link

Okay. in comparison to this, she did better in the vice presidential debate.
BUT only because she remembered a few sentences she can shout out at any given time she did not want to answer to any of the questions given to her.
She referred back to Energy issues four times throughout the debate as well as keep repeating her "track record" many of which are not true or are half truths.
Also you can see that her "answers" are just words, none of which consists more than three syllables - third grade level words, that do not mean ANY THING! Especially in the beginning. The only word apparently she knows (also how to pronounce) is Maverick. Joe Biden pwns her at the end of the debate where he points out actually Mc Cain never was a Maverick on the hard issues that mattered.

Okay enough of my analysis. All I want to say is that I can see how the Republican party works. They wanted to put that ignorant woman who has no qualification nor the brain, heart capacity of being anything near VP on so people can relate. However, seeing what she does apparently the Republicans believe that the "average American" is someone who is ignorant and cannot comprehend any of the truth or reality of society told in a concrete factual manner. Palin speaks especially in the beginning of the debate as if she is addressing kindergarten children who does not understand long coherent sentences. The whole debate looked like that, a third grader discussing with a public policy/political science graduate student. The third grader just calling the grad student mean/bad person without any evidence and throwing tantrums in between.

Any one who supports Palin should go get some education and think hard... do we want a society where we are lead by incompetent, ignorant people with no knowledge of how society/politics/international relations works JUST because that is how many other citizens are like?? do we really want our society to fall into something like that of our lowest common denominator? and mediocrity?

Here is a newweek article that supports what I thought is the case. How the approach of "Palin being on the ticket because she is able connects with everyday Americans" is just something we cannot have..

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