Friday, January 27, 2006


In Korea a married women is called "ajumma"However this does not just have the implication given in the definition.It is mostly associated with a bit of ignorance, selfishness (for themselves and their children), and rowdy?.. loud mouthed.. I guess.As a Korean myself, it is my destiny to become one of these gender neutered beings with a semi-afro that push people continuously in streets, buses and in tubes trying with their god given power to get a sit and then pretend to fall asleep right after so no injured individual can come up to confront them in their behaviour.

sleeping ajummas in a tube

Yes, I myself am bound to be one of them and it is useless to think otherwise..The issue is When? Will I wake up one morning to find my hair permed tightly on my head, and find someone has placed somewhat of MC Hammer trousers (but with flower prints on them..but the same material) instead of my Levis'?

But this is the thing, even now I find myself being "ajumma" like in many ways dealing with daily life.The biggest thing I've noticed is the fact that now I am becoming more and more of a person with insufficient knowledge or the guts/or maybe even brain power to adapt to the changes that are happening in society.Even this blog, it took me ages to figure out what the fuck people were talking about when they went about "blogging this and blogging that" and the whole flikr thing...where is the e anyways? and tag? I thought that was a game that consisted of people touching each other and running away..(some what like one night stands I guess)..and I still don't know what that button on the top right corner does.. "flag?" flag what? flagging? flagged?

The biggest problems is, yes there were times when I was younger and didn't know the most recent "kool" thing in technology, but then I was fast to pick it up right after.Now I start to get migraines and the voice of the person who is trying to explain how things work, goes in to a fuzzy sound that I cannot comprehend..Then! I know.. it has begun.. my "ajummazation process" The other thing I've noticed is that I don't get embarrased as I used to. The iron mask face, as we call it, is slowing taking its form on my face now. I find myself actually telling boys(yes boys..cuz usually they are younger) "aren't you handsome!" or making odd remarks to random people on the street and all..

Now its just days until I will start buying my first pants that go just below the breasts...


Lone Ranger said...

Marry an American.

insatiable hee said...

I don't understand how that will change anything..
and I wasn't REALLY complaining...