Saturday, January 21, 2006


photo by thom thom thom thom

My god I think I have a gift for wasting time..

I am trying as hard as possible to find some random reason to not work..

Now I have started this whole blogging thing.

I guess this is a good thing..
atleast I am not wasting my time watching TV..

don't expect anything profound or meaningful here..


Andy Hunter said...

idea for compounding waste of time: click on the next blog button at the top corner in your navbar, that's how i found you. Uh...not that you're a waste of time or anything. I mean, you're nice and all, I just...crap.

Anonymous said...

Can you get some part-time job in Neitherland? It is still wasting time but as least you get some money.

by Jerry
Churchill House Room 708

insatiable hee said...

Yo Jerry..!
I am working right now! Parttime..and my problem is i have more work than I can handle but I am doing anything possible not to!

jiin eva said...

miss you tons!!

Anonymous said...

ur blog is really nice, i like it, very funny and getting some knowledge of korea n netherlands too from a person who is really from there i mean, i don know how to subscribe to ur blog though, came accidentally, hope to find u again