Sunday, January 29, 2006

How big is the room again?

Ok, now that I am soon to be homeless because of my housemate-land lady's daughter of mine, which is a completely different story which I won't get into..I am now looking for flats.

Well, not flats but more or less a room.. a kamer in a house with people in it. this is because I am a instable manic-depressive with high chances of developing schizophrenia. I should refrain from living completely alone, even if other ignorant beings annoy the living day-lights out of me. But that again is a different story which I might be able to write when this blog become a kind of a "dear diary" place..

Anyways I am searching for rooms via internet.. which is a nice site and all, but people lie like crazy here.
For instance all the information you can obtain is 1)where it is, 2)how many people live there, 3)shared kitchen?bathroom?toliet?livingroom? 4)how much it is-price, 5) pets allowed 6) smoking allowed or not...and the most important thing is 7)how big the rooms are.

Here is the problem. All I really look at is the size.. and the thing is I think most people just take any random number out of their asses to put up. I mean, there is no correlation with the actual room size to the numbers what so ever.
Like today, I go to a room which is supposed to be "23 m2". I've measured my current room, it is approximately 14 m2. So 23 m2 will be about a bit less than twice the size of my room, and letting room for a bit of exaggeration, I would say something like 1.5 times my room.
I go there and I know they measured not the square meter of the room but cubic.
Not even! It is somewhat the size of my room, and the walls are slanted! My god! Well of course this is not the only time this happened. The first time I went room searching in the Netherlands, I went to a room which was supposed to be 15 m2 and I go in, and it is the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.. no only the right side of her closet. It looked more like a coffin than a room to me. It was where cluster phobias were borne.
So now I think there is no use to actually look at what people write down for the sizes of the room and sometime I even feel like taking a measuring tape with me and going over to the rooms posted up just to tell people “Look! See! This AINT f*C%in 25m2 you ass hole!” or more so in their own language, “Kijk! Deze kamer is niet 25 vierkantemeters! Klotzak!”
But then again, wat kan ik doen, I am just a alien here soon to be homeless..
Now if you excuse me I have to go and search for rooms with random numbers as their sizes..

now this room is more like it.. high ceilings, and lots of light.. is this too much to ask?


YMH said...
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YMH said...

i just said your room looks bigger than carri'e closet for sure.

insatiable hee said...

Just for those of you who are mistaking the photo for my room.. this is a photo of a room on the internet that I WANT TO HAVE, my room is nothing like this.