Tuesday, April 17, 2007

life all the irony

Life and irony...

Is it me or does things (and people) always look better once you know you are going to leave it?
It seems as if there is this wild conspiricy against me, that life ironically turns better when I've actually made a decision to cut it off. To show off as if yelling "hey look, see it ain't that bad and now that you're leaving we're going to be much more interesting~!"

I mean like life sucked major balls for awhile and now that it seems to have taken a turn for the better- including the weather among other things- now that I have to leave the life here for a while.

Is this because it actually gotten better or is it my little mind playing tricks on me, to show how it ain't that bad when you think you are going to leave it.
Ofcourse the same happens when you are just about to leave someone.
They seem horrible, and when about the time you want to leave them, they actually do something that is great- are these just the last doubts making its way?

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