Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sexy muscles

As you guys might like big boobs(breasts) or bodonkadonks(ass) in a gal, I myself believe the male body can be extremely sexy with the right type of muscles in them.
Why? I don't know exactly why.

It may have to do with the masculinity, proof that the man in question is strong enough to protect you and your children or maybe that they are fertile with loads of testosterone.
It may have to do with the fact that the male penis is also a muscle, the firmness of the male body reminds women of a firm male penis. Thus women may find the muscles in a male body, especially when she has the chance to touch them, arousing.

In this sense I do not agree with Germaine Greer, saying we should also admire the teenager boy's prettiness. I think we on the contrarily should admire and enjoy the firm mature male body. I mean like Will Smith in "I Robot" when he's topless, it really takes my breath away.

now tell me that you don't fancy this.... come on!


Hwa Young said...

what do you think about hairy muscular men? you know that man in the ad (who also takes my breath away) shaves. Not sure about W. Smith. Do you think hairy or hairless is more likely to arouse primal sense of protection?

insatiable hee said...

I prefer hairless, but then again abit of hair doesn't really hurt. However, bearlike hair all over the chest and back is not my thang...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just odd. But I don't fancy that. I don't feel any sort of wow, or awe, or desire, or even a glimmer of attraction to that man's body or otherwise.

Besides, he looks like a oil broiled ham... o___O