Friday, April 06, 2007

without wisdom

yes, it's been done.
I've gotten my last wisdom tooth removed.
Fortunately for me, unlike the last time when the doctor had to pull it out from my jaw, in which the tooth was rooted in, and thus taking 30 minutes.. this time around it was only like 2 minutes.
All throughout my life my teeth came in abit later than most, and although most people take their wisdom teeth out around the ages of 17~24 well I was let's just say well overdue.
It is quite interesting how people call this tooth wisdom tooth- due to when it comes out- when your of age and become wise. (In korea it's called "love tooth" for this is approximately the age when you get your first chance and experience of love.- thus when your "love teeth" come out you are ready for love.) which I must say should change cuz come on, kids under 25 don't know dip shit, although at acient times I'm sure it was quite an "old" age.

whichever the case, thus I am now almost at the age of 30 ready for love or well wisdom zo to zeggen.

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