Wednesday, October 10, 2007

excitement of life is constant

Someone once said, "Only people who live boring lives can write good novels, where as people who live exciting lives, live it and not write about it".

The more and more I see people and their lives, I come to the conclusion that there are two main streams of lives, or people.
Those who have exciting jobs, important jobs which they define themselves with and spend most of their energy on, and those who have rather plain jobs or not too exciting jobs and have exciting after job lives.
These people do not define themselves through their jobs, no jobs are only a means to earn money. They define themselves through their hobbies- well for them the word hobby is not sufficient to describe it, more like second job/life.
These people are the semi-amateur musicians, dancers, sport athletes etc.
Their life consists of trying to finish their "day-job" as soon as possible, without straining themselves too much on it, and going to their "night=job" to really live, fulfil their dreams.

Very few gifted actually are able to do both. Also it is not like you are either one person or another, and you can change during your life course.
There is a balance in the world because of this. IF everyone wanted to strive to be their best in the day-jobs, then it would be too much competition, and visa versa.

Of course then there are people who do not do both... they probably have families and can be considered "professional-fathers/mothers or husbands/wives".who strive to be best at this.

whichever the case, life offers many outlets to put your effort and energy into, and even if one person doesn't put in to one thing, it is certain that there is something else they are doing...

So the excitement? well now to think about it, the efforts one puts in to "live life" is constant.. but people divide it into several ways- 1) work 2) after work leisure 3)family. if 1 is big then 2 or 3 becomes small, ...etc.

put it to equation...

Time/excitement(constant)100 = Xw(ork) + Xl(eisure activities) + Xf(amily) + α(time used to waste on internet, games and other stuff)

Xw = 100 - Xl - Xf - α

As Xl Xf increases Xw decrease. Of course there are people where α is the biggest of them all....or some people where α = Xw or α = Xl
The value of the Xs are different for all people...

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