Wednesday, October 24, 2007

me, my supervisors and the penis incidents

okay, I am not a person who is shy about talking about sexuality or about male genitalia as most of you might have imagined. This doesn't just stop in my blog, but my every day life, where I believe its quite absurd to taboo some topics which is one of human beings most common denominators which binds us all together. Having said this, I have had just way too many incidents where my supervisors have been acknowledged with this fact, strictly against my wishes, due to my clumsiness.

Just today, as I was checking my e-mail the director of this institute I am staying in, which I will keep the name secret, who is also my "supervisor" so to say came in to confirm a meeting we will have this afternoon. One of the mails I've gotten was the mail which was the comment to the "Korean men bigger penises" incident, about gnomes and their sides job as penis measurer. Of course since I had to find a photo of these penis measuring gnomes, I had a window/tab open with gnomes that looked like penises, a tab open with my blog with the entry, and another open with the e-mail containing the comment about penises...
Trying to hide what I am doing during working hours, I first closed the tab with penis shaped gnomes,, Whew... close one. Then I realized that the blog also contained the word penis several times and noticeably... closed it... however to my dismay, the e-mail window I had open was in the same line.. yikes. but too late. the director had seen it, and as most decent scholars would do, just ignored it by stepping back, not looking at the screen, which he had already glimpsed. Here goes my reputation as a scholar.

But I have to say this wasn't the first nor the most embarrassing experience I had


Hwa Young J said...

the only thing worse than getting caught looking at porn is walking into someone else watching porn. this happened to me! and it was not someone you'd suspect or even want to think about. This was in an office, during work hours as well.

tk said...

it's ok. it should not be so taboo.