Friday, October 05, 2007

Great Expectations.

Although this is one of those posting that does not enhance the world of any more information and is just one of my gibberish..
But anyhow, I've decided that I want to do several things before I turn 40... which is quite a long time away looking at this angle, but then again looking at the way the years pass by I think it wouldn't be too long as well.
Whichever the case
the list goes like this, not in specific ranking or order..

1. learn to speak 4 languages fluently- maybe a couple of more in an intermediate level.. I already am bilingual in Korean and English and speak Dutch more or less okay level, I just need to polish that and learn one more- thus achievable.

2. learn how to play the piano- jazz- enough to go to any bar and start playing a tune or start jamming with other musicians. - I know how to play a bit but if I learn more or less the jazz styles, I won't be able to play pro, but enough to just enjoy ...

3. buy a camera- proper one, start taking proper photos... not much effort needed with the exception of that I need to get more info on stuff..

4. join a dance company semi-pro for atleast a year.. probably salsa.. this takes one year. and that I have to postpone doing other things...

5. live in my sixth country...

Yeah yeah, and then there is find someone get married get a child etc... but well sometime I feel that is much harder to achieve than the list above...

one more addition.. learn how to play bass- funk style, lots of slapping and poping.

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