Wednesday, November 07, 2007

blog blog and more blog

I've just realized now in this blog I have more than 100... 109 to be exact, blog entries. (actually there are 137 entries, its just that there are 28 entries that are written or some of the ideas have been written yet, I have not the chance to finish and publish them)
None of which have tags.
All of which have diverse topics unlike most other blogs, but mostly about sex and penises... no just joking, but however, the word penis, porn and sex do appear quite frequently-- do a search if you want to see.

I am thinking of tagging my entries to have this in a more organized manner. However, how do you tag blogs? What is the key word? Do you have a set list of words you can use, i.e. sex, penis, blog, beauty, Asia, etc.. but things you can't use, such as a, the, life, society, (two for being redundant and the other two for being too broad and abstract)??

Is there a guideline for tagging? Laws of tagging?
Wikipedia provides definition and examples of tagging here.

Anyways so how do one tag? can we only use nouns? how about verbs? how abstract can one be? what is the optimal number of tags per blog entry???


Post script:..
I've just realized how diverse my blog entries are, and think many people may find it quite irritating, since it isn't focusing on one topic.
I feel like the entries should be divided into three blogs
1) sex, porn, penises and love
2) quotes thoughts and other brain activities
3) me, myself and my everyday life and other boring issues

ofcourse I will not do this. why you ask? because I am not even able to organize my life right now, let alone this blog. For now I will keep it the way it is... also its quite clear that there isn't and won't be any complaints on this matter anyhow


Laurence said...

I have tags. It's fun to make ridiculous tags that you know will never be used again, but it's also depressing to look at the tags you have and realise you keep writing about the same things again and again.

Anonymous said...

I think tags are stupid if you write a personal blog. I wrote a blog once and it was just there to write down my thoughts or get something of my back. 3 days later I read it again just to check if I was right or if the thought was really worth thinking about. And it is all so diverse that it doesn´t make sense to tag it. Tagging is for people who only have 4 topics.

Phillip (you know the brother)

Anonymous said...

now I know it!

Anonymous said...

я думаю: отлично.. а82ч