Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Charlie Brooker on breaking up with yourself

"I am single... Who am I supposed to slowly fall out of love with? I can't slowly poison my relationship with myself. Or can I?"

= Charlie Brooker, Guardian Nov. 5th, 2007.

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Marcel said...

Sure you can. Actually a very common procedure for many people is:
1. You become a single.
2. You start enjoying being a single and love yourself.
3. You begin slowly to fall out of love with you and the idea of being a single.
4. You try to change your character (like you'd try to change the character of your lover).
5. You pretend you've changed your character and everything is fine with your relation with yourself. But you start cheating on you by dating someone.
6. You fall in love with someone and you are in a relationship with someone else again.
7. You start slowly falling out of love with the other person.
8. You break up.
9. Go to (1.)