Sunday, November 18, 2007

surreal life needs a surreal experience

I know I am not the only one.
I know you, especially you who are over 30 or are leaning close to it, and have lived in several different places throughout your life time have had the same experience as I did, and still do.
Maybe you, all of you, we feel the same.

Life is surreal

More and more I feel like my life is screened in front of me, very closely whilst detached. I am a mere spectator without any power to intervene.

No, it does not mean that I am invisible and feel non-existent in this world, which may or may not really exist.
It means that life does not feel real, life lost its weight its tangible feeling.

Life becomes ever so precarious and frivolous while all things that were thought to be constant looses its grounds.
More and more I feel I need to test each and every rule and principle that was taught to me in my preparation for the role as a part of the mass army of proper citizens.

I can only relate to those who are crazy who have gave up on making sense of it all. They are the only people who are real while the others play a role. They are actually the only sane people in this insane circus of life. The others, who are trying hard to live the normal life are the real loonies of this universe.
Like wise, only experiences that are surreal seem real, while as the normal daily routines seem like mere pictures whizzed in front of my face.

I became more and more appreciative of surrealists art, acts and their thoughts and feel these are the people that I can truly relate to. Those that have had the same sensation.

I know I started writing this for a specific reason to get to a point but forgot... as I always to with my absent mind. My life is so surreal that even my brain has left it.


Hwa Young J said...

you should read "unbearable lightness of being" might feel a kinship

Laurence said...

I agree with the suggestion that life definitely gets weirder as you get older. I think I have an understanding of the reasons, but I'll save that for myself...