Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The new ten commandments

The Vatican has made a new list of sinson top of the one Moses made while he was trippin, and the Seven Deadly Sins .. since they are not suffice to keep people feeling guilty enough to spend their time and money in/for the church for salvation.

the list includes..
· Environmental pollution;
· Genetic manipulation;
· Accumulating excessive wealth;
· Inflicting poverty;
· Drug trafficking and consumption;
· Morally debatable experiments;
· Violation of fundamental rights of human nature.

Pope Benedict, in support of the move has noted that "We are losing the notion of sin ...If people do not confess regularly, they risk slowing their spiritual rhythm."

Just a couple of things I feel about this list of modern sins.. one, I like some of them, such as environmental pollution and inflicting poverty, but one can see that they are more abstract then the old ones but also they are on politically sensitive issues that people cannot agree on as being morally right or wrong(in comparison to things such as thou shall not kill, which I think most of us agree upon).

This makes me think that the church has made a move implying that they will indeed act as a political body, not just as a spiritual, and take stances/mostly conservative/ on certain issues such as abortion, homosexuality, scientific experiments and etc. They will use this list.. which this time around we all know that it was NOT given by GOD..(but maybe has been made when the priests were indeed high).. as grounds in which they can argue for their position and to (pressure politicians to)change policies to fit their conservative agendas.
If it is not enough that George W. is using God as an excuse for all his "deadly sins" committed to the rest of the world.

On a similar note, the new Korean neo-liberal conservative president Lee named as his new minister of social welfare and health in Korea someone who has written in a newspaper that the lack of belief in God increased social polarization of Korea and that we must over come issues of poverty and inequality through enhancing our religious beliefs... of course on top of that he has been found for plagiarism, not paying his health insurance contributions, tax fraud, real estate fraud and use of public funds for personal use.

Do as Christians say not as Christians do.

here is a nice link of a book Hwa wrote in comments, but the link is broken there.
It is called The Vatican World Politics

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Hwa Young J said...

the papacy has always been meddling with politics. http://www.cephas-library.com/catholic/catholic_vatican_in_world_politics_introduction.html