Thursday, October 26, 2006

Craig Ferguson "70s Scottish Porn"

I really like comedians...
Strangely even since I was little, I just could not resist a funny man... it automatically make me want ... the guy.
I also love scottish and irish guys.. their sense of humour added with a sprinkle of a strong accent... ahhhh (seriously, one of the biggest reason for me to go back is because of the Scottish lads... really)
Well in CBS there is this guy who is these two combined.. his name is Craig Ferguson.. a scottish lad, from glasgow... ahhh...glasgow...who came over to the US when he was 21.. now at 44 he has finally made it in the business with his own show- "the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" after david letterman...
He is right now on a roll I think
he is just soo funny- I have the feeling that I would want to impregnate myself with his seed - check out my previous blog about John Cleese.. this happens sometimes.. hehe

Anyways here is a segment of his stuff hilarious- this one is on 70s Scottish Porn..

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