Wednesday, June 07, 2006

comes in threes

I must have really gotten old, or it must be that I haven't adjusted to the new continental European environment..
Whichever the case, I think I am sick almost every other day .. more or less I've been sick the past month or in severe states the past couple of weeks.
First came the cramps, not knowing what the hell it was..
I've found out I had inflammation in my bladder, not to be all proud to say but I have to add this to prove a case. Then came the menstrual cramps, and on top of that came my first round of stomach aches probably from some lactose product I forgot not to eat. this in toll made me appreciate every single organ in my lower abdominal area... yes I know my anatomy now!

With this, I was in bed for a week and then came my friend and a couple of days in Amsterdam..

Due to the fact I live in a small conservative town which I found suffocating, I HAD to party, or at least try my best to.. which wasn't too much, compared to my ways when I was in my early 20s.

What I haven't realized was that I am not in the same physical state I was then, not half the state. So came the cold, and not just any cold the one that gives you a day to feel it sink in... you can feel it how it isn't there yet, but you know just know that it is coming, and its going to be something big, no huge! It is like as if the cold needs and introduction, a red carpet set up to show that "hey here I am..... I am not just your everyday cold, but the REAL thing, so look out!" and you're just hoping, because you felt it coming and drank the obligatory two litres of orange juice, that maybe, just maybe .. once in your pathetic life, that it might just well, go away. Something like, I have no idea what I can compare this to right now, but if you wish hard enough it will just magically disappear, like the acne before an important date or something, not that it happened to me and my acne free face, uh hum.

Well of course, it didn't. It came with a little bang, clogged nose, bang! swollen neck, bang! swollen eardrums, bang! fever, bang! headache, bang! of course with all colds, there is the muscle ache and the fatigue, and not the least the feeling of utter depression and feeling sorry for your pathetic soul which is in a bed covered with snot filled toilet paper, for you can not afford the soft lotioned kleenex, with a cold cup of tea you had to make for yourself, because no one cares enough to take care of you, and no your mum does not live with you any longer!

Of course, it had to be Sunday when the cold stepped in, and the next day, Monday had to be a public holiday which made me in a state with no food whatsoever and no place to buy food cuz all the freekin shops are closed due to the fact that this is a catholic side of the country. Seriously when I was talking about worker's right, this was not in my agenda.. I am having regrets about the whole thing now. Okay lets give workers rights, but come on we have to eat now don't we! So okay, workers rights with the exception of retail service sectors..or more specifically, those that have to do with supermarkets.. which will be filled in by poor college students who have nothing else to do.. it'll be an obligatory job.. how about that? whichever the case..

And for those of you who haven't noticed yet, yes this is a rant to prove how every body should feel sorry for my sorry ass.. if you haven't been persuaded yet, just keep on going, there is still more to come.

So anyways so I am here with my toilet roll and cup of tea and feeling sorry for myself, and then decided to add to my inner head pains why don't I add something more to top it up, like some whipped cream on a sundae or some cherries? so I bump my head into the cupboards apparently empty. which gave me the symmetrical pains on my head, the balance between the inner pain and the other pain, such as the yin yang thingy whateveryoucall it.
ok now I think this is it... I cannot have more pains coming my way.. right?
No.. of course not. On top of that we should add a sprinkle of food poisoning, which is from god know which of the several expired products I've managed to dig up in my shelf and resisted to throw out cuz well I can't afford to do that now can I?

And last but not least a little wisdom tooth or the swellings of a wisdom tooth on the back side of my mouth, just to show that, hey there is not an ending to this, and now even eating is painful.

yeah.. good things, or painful things come in threes... well not threes, but more like tens...
yeah yeah what is the aim of the whole story?? nothin, go figure it out yourself.... and
mind me, I'm sick.

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