Friday, June 09, 2006

Militant Feminist Test

Here is something that you might find intriguing.
The militant feminist test.

I myself do not consider myself militant feminist, because I do not consider myself as being militant at all... whichever the case, because of the wording of the test was so funny I got 80%

When you see a man walking down the street, do you....
1) Smile and wave in hopes that he will ask you for your number or touch your butt.
2) Just keep walking. He's just a guy, what's wrong with that?
3) Walk on the other side of the street. If he's a man, then he's bad news.
4) Kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.

the last choice for all questions entail "kerosene" and "fire" and "him" inside their sentences..

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