Friday, June 09, 2006

Stuart Jefferies

Yes, I am writing too many posts recently but you have to recognize that I am confined in my room all day - refer to the post "comes in threes" to see why - and have no human contact right now. So this is my way of interacting with the "real world"..

Stuart Jefferies, is an remarkable writer for the Guardian. He writes columns that deal with politics, society, art - book and movie reviews as well as interviews with people in the related fields.

Its not really what he writes but How he writes it that is amazing.
There is that hint of neurotic cynical humour he uses, with the interchange of words .. what can I say its magic.

[Example of his masterpiece] - From the Guardian June 2nd Edition..
"Earlier this year, the woman in my life and I decided to postpone our wedding. My partner - whom I will call Barry to confuse you into thinking we are a gay couple and thereby protect her anonymity - and I decided it wasn't worth it. As Barry and I are the sort of Guardian-reading types who not only grow their own alfalfa from politically correct Cuban seeds but weave the results into bicycles that we ride to work and then eat for lunch, we never really wanted to get married. (How do we get home from work you ask? Why, we grow alfalfa at the office too!) We preferred instead to knit each other eco-friendly shirts from each other's hair of an evening."

I think he is the perfect example of what I strive to write like, which is like 21st century Oscar Wilde with the intelligent connotations of Woody Allen's writing with a spice of social political awareness.. Would it be ever possible to write my dissertation in this language?
I know it will be much more easier to read the 200~300 odd pages full of jargon, if it was written atleast humoursly.

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