Friday, June 16, 2006

Dear Ciggy

I have decided to stop smoking now.
its because I have not been able to smoke due to my illness for the past two weeks or so, and because most withdrawl symtoms only last for two weeks or so....
I think I got rid of the bad bit already and thought, well if I came this far might as well see what will happen!
So there is only a couple of more weeks to go and then I will be almost an certified non smoker again!

Because I have been a smoker since, what.. 1994, well a serious one since 1996, it is hard..
It is like loosing a friend or something, and of the many of things I've managed to google up during my past couple of weeks about smoking and withdrawl symtoms, I've found a letter addressed to Mr. Ciggy our love... A Dear John letter..
Its written by a women and it really shows exactly what I feel about this relationship I have with ciggy..which has been what.. more then 10 years!
I am sure lots of smokers will agree with me

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