Friday, February 23, 2007

More Aussies smoke weed than all other OECD countries

A new report by the OECD shows that more Australians smoke weed than people from any other OECD countries with 15% of the population between the ages 15 to 64 reported to have smoked weed in the past year(2001- latest data). Right after the Aussies were Kiwis with 13%, and Americans with 11%. It's apparent that speaking English makes you smoke weed alot or atleast more because the five countries out of the top 6 were all English speaking countries- Canada 11%, UK 10% - the only exception was Czech Republic with 11%. The lowest countries were Korea and Japan, where its strictly prohibited - with jail sentences starting from six months even if you have weed substance in your urine- with 0.1%.
Suprisingly the Netherlands, where weed is legal only 6%, which is only average level.

If you consider the whole world, Papa New Guinea holds the number one position with 29.5% of its population smoking doobies, Micronesia Federation State is just off with 29.1% although these are 1995 records.

And to suprise of many, Jamaica only 11% have been reported to have smoked weed, which is comparable to that of the UK.
In Vanuatu - which was praised for having the highest "happy scores" from Stuart Jefferies column - only 0.1% of people smoked weed in 1997.

And of all the world, the country with the least weed smokers, yes indeed the police country where its not even allowed to chew gum in public, Singapore with 0.004...

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