Monday, February 19, 2007

Stuart Jefferies Missing!

I don't know what happened to Stuart Jefferies of the Guardian... for his last column was last year 28th october... and then poof~ he was gone.
Was he fired? vanished?
what is worse is that right before he vanished from the guardian comments, his last columns were about how "Stuart Jefferies has been deleted. You will now be taking orders from Stuart 2.0" and about how he's been fired etc....

so? what has happened?
Does anyone know?
Stuart, we want you back~ no we need your cynical surreal columns back into our pathetic lives so we can atleast look foward to snickering at your wit.
Come back~!


after three days I've written this and 4 months since his last acticle, SJ is back.
Unfortunately not with his columns but one of his cultural/book investigations... coincidence???

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