Monday, February 19, 2007

to blog or not to blog

I've just had a thought.
Why do I even have this?
Is this some sort of exhibitionist characteristic of mine showing itself off?
Or is this a plea into the anonymous world, some sort of an exit I can free myself in?

I was going through my "stat", which actually to my surprise has so many information inside it that I was amazed - although you only get info in the last week or so.
whichever the case, what I've realized is that approximately 25 people come into this site- well actually not 25 people because it might be the same person twice in that week, and I am sure I am also counted atleast twice a week.
of those people only 60% spend less than 5 seconds here, which means they don't read it. only 27% or so spend more than 5 minutes here, which means that they read it, but I dunno how many of those are mine.

So in other words, approximately 5~7 people read my blog a week, maybe even less, and then gets me thinking, actually that is more than I thought, cuz I thought NO ONE READS IT, this because NO ONE COMMENTS ON ANYTHING. I mean like, give me something to work with here. leave me a sign, did you like what I wrote or you think its crap or what?

I guess this is being too greedy. Now the space to post my thoughts is not suffice and I am longing for some sort of feedback from it I guess. - yes, thus is my pseudonym insatiable..

and yes this was one of the logs that you can skip in 5 seconds.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Hee.
I kept your blog open for a few hours so it will seem that someone has been reading it over and over again, pondering on a response. I'm also working on a script that will generate zillions of hits. Hopefully that will make you feel better. Nothing more frustrating than a exhibitionist going unnoticed.

Anyways, a visitor will leave your blog in 5 seconds if you haven't posted anything new. So blog more frequently and regularly and soon you will be the next Stuart Jeffries. And by the way, you probably haven't heard from him because you have neglected to upgrade to a Human 2.0