Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Replies to the global warming warning

These are just some of the replies to the e-mail where I have warned people about the dangers of global warming and on the report published last friday
titled: "earth temperature to rise 4C by 2100"

a friend
"I think its too late to do something
and the only thing we can do ourselves for the next generations to come ,
is to not make any more next generations..."

another friend
"London = Ibiza!!!!
whoeeeee!!! "

and similarly
"what about the chances that I can grow pineapple, papaya and mango in my backyard soon?"

my dad
"What we'd better dying earlier than the year 2100, Develope mountain side than sea side
What else? .. to stop earth from warming. Don't smoke and use more refrigrators."

and the grand finale
my uncle replied
"your father's blood pressue will rise 4mmHg in a year unless you marry somebody"

(not translated- original text)

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