Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Earth temperature will rise 4C in 100 years

Last Friday in Paris, scientist from all over the world, comissioned by the UN have reported that indeed due to human influences earth's temperature will rise 4C (maybe up to 6C) in 2100. As noted in the guardian, "A 4C rise or higher this century would see the world warm almost as much in 100 years as it did during the 15,000 years since the end of the last ice age."

guardian article: Worse than we thought

What +4C will mean
Loss of food production
Droughts. African crops slump 15% to 35%. Global production falls 10%

Increased flooding
Sea levels rise by up to 59cm. Bangladesh and Vietnam worst hit, along with coastal cities such as London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Calcutta and Karachi. 1.8m people at risk from coastal flooding in Britain alone

Melting ice
Half the Arctic tundra at risk. Europe loses 80% of alpine glaciers. West Antarctic ice sheet and the Greenland ice sheet start to melt

More disease
Mosquitoes thrive, exposing 80 m more people to malaria in Africa; 2.5bn more exposed to dengue fever

Loss of land species
20-50% of land species threatened with extinction

Water shortages
Fresh water availability halved in southern Africa and Mediterranean

Hurricanes more powerful Wind strengths increasing 15-25%. Great damage to infrastructure

If you are interested some tips to prevent this from happening
Stop global warming site
Climate Crisis site
Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study
Another remarkable thing is that AEI(american enterprise institute), a interest group funded by big corporate companies such as Exxon tried to lobby the scientists to contend this report, and go against its finding. AEI offered $10,000 each.

Similarily there is the CEI (Corporate Enterprise Institute) that have been producing TV-spots that say "carbon dioxcide they call it pollution.... we call it life"

Unfortunately, I am afraid people actually believe this is true.
I cannot imagine what other truths the big corporate companies have hidden from us.


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This is scary!!!

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I agree!