Monday, March 26, 2007

Learn how to love

As anything in the world, you must learn how to love, and learn from your past experiences. To see what are the mistakes I've made before, and what I can learn from them. I think one tends to forget to do this for relationships.

Erich Fromm in The Art of Loving points out that it is indeed an art which entails knowledge and effort, that one to really love, must learn the theory and practices of Love like any other things in life.

Also within the relationships, I think you must really "work" at it, for uptill now what I've realized is that there isn't someone who is perfect, and even if there is your chance of meeting that person will be quite slight due to various circumstances.
Thus you must first try to see what the person in front of you has to offer, for although you've never imagined yourself with that type of person, it might be the case, where that person will suprise you with new things that you have never imagined that you will like.

You must learn how to love that person, to see what the positive sides there are of the person- as if trying out new icecream flavours. Sure, chocolate might be your favourite, but how about variations on chocolate, or yoghurts or fruit sorbet.
As you are willing to try out new things- food and other wise, such as new experiences- you must be willing to give yourself and others new people a chance.

From what I've experienced, although at the end of the day it may not work out, it will broaden your horizens and you will learn from it, and well let's just say that you might be happily surprised during the time.

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