Monday, March 26, 2007

market values of love

"two people fall in love when they feel they have found the best object available on the market, considering the limitations of their own exchange values."

Erich Fromm The Art of Loving

The only thing is that this presupposes that we all compete in the same market.
It may be that I am only trading stocks in the Dow Jones, while you work in Nasdaq...
Or more so that I am in the shoe markets while you are in the fishing industry.

Also its true that you sometimes find something that you thought were not "your market".. your game if you may...I thought I was in the baseball game and find this remarkable hockey player to my taste...

The point being is that Fromm has a point to some degree but due to post-moderism, diversified cultural streams and its ability to spread like wildfire from the advancement of technology, there are several markets working simultaneously and new markets opening up everyday. So many that it is actually not just hard to find someone with the right market values- so you wouldn't lose out on the "merger" but just to find your market period.
But I do believe for many, who do not venture out for the unique market strategically aiming for the niche, but sticks to the more what you may the "main markets" of this society where the blond blue eyed size 34/size 4(depending on whether you live in Europe or the states) gets the pick, the Fromm principles do adhere to quite a large extent.

The next question being who is the person in charge of labeling people with their "true fundemental values"? and how do we know what ours is? how other's prices go?
When does it drop and to what extent?

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